Bringing your own private label designs to life is not as complex as you may imagine. These days, brand owners & buyers normally go online, find the designs they like, make some changes & send over to us. This is quite normal & used by even the largest of buyers. If you wish to create your own, then whatever suits, its fine.

Working with Custom designs for over 30 years, offers a huge wealth of knowledge that we can to draw on.
In the past we have worked with ASOS, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, MYERS & David Jones as well as hundreds of independents.

As we operate a digital pattern maker, or 2D Auto Cad plotter, means we make up your designs as patterns digitally, not on paper. Thereafter, should there be any edits required, mostly these are handled in under an hour. This is much faster than working on paper patterns, much safer also. All your designs are stored on our hard drive, meaning nobody will ever have access to your collection, ever.

Once we are all clear on your collection, your hand over, then we proceed to price.

Read more about sampling & Production.

To protect your designs, you may request an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)
This agreement is legally binding & protects your designs. This is referred to as your intellectual property.


Getting started using natural fabrics into your clothing collection, is relatively straight forward as long as you know that your designs are to be made in what fabric & colour.

Below, we go over some important point & have added some quick links that explain better the process of costing though to sampling & then production & delivery to your door.

The first job, is costing. Let's look what we referred to as a Handover.



Most price estimates are correct with an 80% accuracy. The clearer & easily understood your handover is, the better the chance we have to price exactly. Once received, in two working days you will receive the best possible price we can offer.

We require two things to start, your selection of designs to be made & in what fabric/s. This is referred to as your "hand over". Once received, our team get to work on the costing. Your bespoke designs or Custom Private Label designs remain your property & are never shared with other buyers.

Your hand over can be sent via email, as screen shots, tech packs, line drawings, sketches or as the real samples sent via DHL or FedEx with a tracking number.

NEVER use postal services as they can take up to ten weeks to arrive with the situation right now.

See here on how to send us your sample packs, as well as how we dispatch your orders
See some everyday examples of handovers & just how easy it is now that everything is digitized


That’s ok, we can assist. Our sampling specialists have extensive knowledge on putting together private label designs & will do everything possible to get you on the right track from the start.


Add as many notes as needed to your hand over, the more the merrier.


Final prices are calculated once you have approved your samples.
As we work on set margins, you can be assured that we will never take advantage when it comes to prices. If we can reduce, we always do.
We know the key to success comes from well-made collection landed in your hands at price you can resell with enough profit to run your business & reorder when & where needed.

Should any samples require some amendments, then as long as they are no different to your original hand over, in most cases they are free. These amendments may affect your price & will affect your time line, so try to be as clear as possible with your hand over.


As we handle your patterns digitally, small issues can be ironed out on our computerized 2D-CAD Plotter. This allows us to move your designs to production without a remake. In such cases we hold an online video call to go through any issues you need discussing.


More often than not, with a good clear handover, you will see samples finalized made several weeks earlier than handovers that are complex & difficult to understand. See some examples of Handovers


Read more here


3 ways to Hand-Over your designs

ONE – Forward your designs via email.
Your shapes can be in any format, screen shots, photographs or tech packs or clear easy to understand sketches
Add any notes you want us to follow

TWO - Fill in the Sample Request Form
Add any notes you want us to follow

Once received, we check your selection & if all clear, in two working days you will receive the best possible price for a premium export quality collection.

You may also send your real samples via courier. See how to do this in our Delivery & Dispatch page

So thats it in a nutshell. If you need more data & require to speak to a specialist in clothing production, then fill our Call Back Form & set up a one to one video call

Other than that, send us an email or chat via WhatsApp below




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If you have any questions or require immediate assistance, please click the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner to chat live with a customer service representative. Live Chat is available M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM GMT+8


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