Recycle : Turning waste into reusable material

Polyamide : Common name for Nylon

Polyurethane : Polyester is often referred to polyurethane or PL

High waist : A pant that is cut high to the waist

High cut : A pant that is cut high up on the legs

Fabric hangers : A4 piece of fabric

Swatches : Pieces of fabrics 5 x 5cm

MOQ : Minimum Order Quantity

P.O. : Purchase Order

Tech pack : Technical drawing of your styles

PPS : Pre-Production Samples

SMS : Salesman Samples

.plt : Pattern extensions using our CAD system

Timeline : The amount of time it takes to do something

Strike off : When we make the first print from artwork to check the colours are correct

Heat press : Heat-pressing your logo into clothing

300 dpi : (DPI : Dots Per Inch) High-resolution imagery

FOB : (Freight On Board) Your goods on the airplane ready to fly

Ex-factory : At our factory (similar to FOB)

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