The questions & answers below will explain all from your hand over, to sampling, to production & dispatch.

Hand Overs

How do I send over my hand over of shapes for costing?

We require your shapes. You can fill in the form here which we will go over to ensure that all the data we require is complete, or you can also, Two, send us the actual samples for us to copy or alter.

You must inform us your desired fabric for each style noting that all fabric’s in Bali come ready to dye or print, like a white/cream colour so you will have to mention to us your best idea for fabric choices.  We can send you swatches of the most used fabrics here, such as: linen, rayon, cotton silk or blends free with your courier account details or a charge of $30 USD to use our DHL account.

Do I need to decide the colours now?

No, but you will need to once you have received your prices

You will need to mention whether your styles will be plain or printed & if plain to inform us of the Pantone TPG pantone colour code. You can find this with a simple google.

If you require prints, then we require your art work to be sent over in high resolution, 300 dpi, Ai or .TIFF format, repeatable & to scale, or actual size. NOTE. Most graphic artists can assist you with this for a small fee & should you require, we can assist

Note: Screen printing in Bali we handle by hand silk screen printing. Plain dye is also by hand so even you give the Pantone references you must be aware that there can be some slight changes in colour in plain or print depending on the mix or CMYK each time made.

What about accessories like labels and branded packaging?

We will require the art work after you have received your prices & layout, like your desired wording etc.

Do your require my art work for any prints, labels or packaging now?

No, but we will once we move to sampling & require the art work to be in .EPS, .TIFF, or .AI.

Mostly any order these days require some sort of graphic work, assistance in print layout or any one of many small jobs that require graphic print or layout work. This is what I handle.

Be sure to send over your art work soonest possible once you have decided to work with us, nothing worse than delaying orders due to late print hand over, or any such thing to do with branding. Art work like your brand logo or any prints you can send to me & I will check that you’re working with a high-resolution image (300 dpi) & using. Ai or EPS format.


What’s the first step to making samples?

We will need to know the specific plain colour that you have chosen and any print that you require. Any artwork for any type of accessories ex: heat press, metal clips, packaging, needs to be handed at this point.

Note: Should you require our assistance, we have an in-house graphics team to help.

How long does it take to make my samples?

To make the screens & strike offs is approximately 3 weeks from the approval of artwork.

It takes on average 4-6 weeks to make the first round of samples from the fabric dyed or printed, depending on the complexity & time of the year, how busy we are, holidays and the like. Whilst the fabrics are being dyed or printed, we will be making all your patterns & grading using our 2D CAD system.

What’s the Average Cost?

We charge 2 X your estimated price plus $30 USD sample fee whether you choose from our shapes or yours.

If your requesting prints then add screen cost $ 70 USD – $ 100 USD per colour each motif. Example, blue and yellow spots + 2 X $70 USD to make the screens. Once done later you may change the colour to red & purple at no extra

NOTE: Some of our regular clients will make two sets of approved samples, one for them & one for us. This is completely your choice. If you choose just one set then you must send that back to us before we cut bulk wholesale orders.

When do I pay for this?

Payment is 100% before we start your sample requests

Can We Visit Your Factory?

Yes, for sure, we encourage it. Let us know the best date & time and we will book you in. We will show you all the departments for example, sampling, production, quality control, packaging, dispatch & so on & meet the team, that’s the biggest bonus. Mornings are best for us by far, Monday to Friday.

May I request a Skype or phone call?

Yes, we encourage this, after costing approved. You may have an online meeting, but at this point it’s mostly about sampling. For production and shipping and other issues please read our FAQ Production below

Bulk Wholesale Order

What’s the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

Any P.O. (Purchase Order) is 500 PCs, 100 PCs any shape, up to two colour ways & 10 PCs any size, colour & code.

How Do I Place an Order?

We will send you a template PO spreadsheet in which you can fill out the codes, style names, colours, & required amounts. Note, nothing less than 10 pcs per size & colour & 100 pcs per style. NOTE For high value silk items we can accept 50 pcs per style, 5 pcs per size & colour.

What Do You Require to Start Bulk?

We require samples to be approved and sent back, your accessories and print artwork finalized, then a deposit 50%. Balance 50% when goods are ready for dispatch. All goods sold ex-factory.

How Long Will My Production Take?

It takes around 6 to 8 weeks for manufacturing depending on complexity.

Do Customers Need to Come for Final Checking Before the Goods Are Dispatched?

It’s up to you. We sell goods ex-factory, meaning once the goods have left our premises, we don’t accept returns or credits. You can either come to Bali to handle this yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Please note that the final checking of the goods must be done outside of our building as we simply do not have room.

NOTE. Everything we make goes through several layers of QC before being packed. Some brands like to check & others trust us and don’t bother. On average less than 1% are deemed rejects. Independent QC can be found in Bali, costs around $300 USD per 500 pcs.



We will introduce you to a Cargo company & will assist in making sure the freight is handled quickly & efficiently to the point where it is forwarded to any overseas port. We work with all parties concerned & make sure that your order is safely in your hands. Our vested interest is in you receiving your goods, well made & on time.

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