Organic & Blended Fabrics

In the main, we incorporate organic fabrics into natural fabric clothing requests. We also handle many requests for non-organic fabrics such as linen, silk & a host of other Cottons & blends. As there are literally thousands of natural fabrics available in Bali, the more information you can provide on the fabric your looking for, the easier it will be to find the one/s most suitable for you.

To find more information on fabrics, try a Google search using such search terms as “linen blends” or organic cotton fabrics” for example;

Once you have found the natural fabric/s that suits your look, save the data & send over via email.
We will then check to find the most suitable ones.

Rayon or Viscose

Indonesia produces the highest grade of Rayon globally. Conifers & eucalyptus are grown on the mountain slopes & harvested every 7 years. These are then re-planted for the next crop. Tencel & Modal are created this way & are world famous as being Eco-friendly & offers a good solution for luxury brands requiring a premium fabric.


See a list of most commonly used fabrics here

Plain Dye

Plain dyes are handled in Bali by hand. The dying companies we use are very skilled in colour matching, but will require a colour reference to work from. In this case, we use Pantone to colour match.


Pantone colour cards & books can be found online, from any specialist stationary company.
You can reach out to Pantone directly here or search locally in your town or city.
As Pantone cards & books can be pricy, we suggest to try find your Pantone colours online (for no cost).
for example;- You need the colour “forest green”.

Go to Google & type “Forest Green Pantone” & you should see this; -

We selected the above colour. Choose the one you like, click on it, copy the link & email to us.


$20 per colour & fabric.
FedEx - $30 per package up to one kilo.


We dye using pigment dyes supplied by Dystar from Germany. Their dyes are in full compliance with the applicable chemical legislation in the markets in which they are manufactured and sold, eco & environmentally friendly.


Production – 100 meters per colour & fabric.
MOQ – Clothing pieces 500 per PO, can be a selection of plains & prints. 50 pieces per style & 10 pieces per size & colour.

Plain dye during monsoon Nov to Feb can be tricky as wet humid weather plays havoc on the plain dye when it is drying. Best to work outside of these months & plan accordingly. Contact us anytime as we do get windows of hot dries weather during such times.

So thats it in a nutshell. If you need more data & require to speak to a specialist in clothing production, then fill our Call Back Form & set up a one to one video call

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