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BALI’s #1 Importer of Italian & American Recycled Fabrics. We are a Premium Grade manufacturing facility of Eco-Friendly clothing in Bali.



DHL to your Door


Importing fabrics into Indonesia is heavily restricted with high import taxes. However, we own the sole exemption certificate on imports meaning our imported fabrics are tax & duty free. This results in your clothing costing less to manufacture & your orders landing in your country at much lower prices. Further, being an established factory for close to 30 years with a team of highly skilled technical staff, seamstresses & pattern makers, studio managers & merchandisers, means we are totally geared to produce any premium grade clothing, swim, active men’s or Ladieswear, time & time again.


We have a state of the art 2D AUTO CAD system to handle your patterns & grading online via computer. All patterns are graded to max 3mm ensuring perfect fit, time & time again. Any slight adjustments can be easily implemented.


We run one of the largest sample teams in Bali, 30 sample seamstresses + expert sample assistants, will see to it that your samples are made as close as humanly possible to any shape or styles requested. You may choose from our shapes or we can make yours.


We run over 100 high speed machines that can handle even the most difficult stitch. Our cutting room is semi-automated ensuring the cuts are perfectly graded to your size request. From there we have five more sections that your orders will pass through, checked at every stage for any slight imperfections before ending up in our final quality control room. Here your goods will be checked & once approved, bar coded, tagged & individually packed into biodegradable bags, ready to be sent overseas via DHL or air freight. All orders are made from conception to finish in the most economic & direct way possible.


In the majority of cases we send your order using our DHL courier service. All documents for export we handle in house with every consignment tracked to your door 3 to 5 working days.

Peace of mind, every time

What our customers say about us

  • Ivana Milosevic
    Hi Novi and the team, I just wanted to let you know the samples have arrived today! They are so amazing! I can’t believe, they look and feel so beautiful. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and putting up with my anxiety and being annoying each day! I really appreciate all of your communication and kindness. Thank you so so very much. I will send you some pictures from the shoot and we’ll place bulk order next week. Thank you for all of your help and support beautiful ladies,
    Ivana Milosevic
    Le Periple
  • Jannat Yacoub
    “I just received my samples, And I loved them. I’m drawing out my next sample and I should have it ready by this week! There’re so many options to choose from, AMAZING work!!”
    Jannat Yacoub
  • K A Y L A   C A R L Y L E
    H E L O - E V E R Y O N E!! I just wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for making our first production order with you guys such a success! You all made this process very easy. I can't wait to see what we develop in the seasons to come. All of our products came out fantastic and made very well. Coming from a previous manufacturer that caused so much stress because of their quality and inconsistency, truly makes me grateful for you guys. I hope you have a great weekend. Please forward this message to anyone who helped make our second season such an amazing experience! Thank you,
    K A Y L A C A R L Y L E
    Owner / Designer - CHEEKY CARLYLE SWIM
  • Kristy
    “Hi guys, just wanted to let you know I’ve received my stock. And it is amazing, the quality is fantastic. Thank you so much for you hard work. Now I can see my brand being super successful and placing more & more orders”
    Winter and I
  • Lisa Niederer
    “I am super happy with the Samples you manufactured for me! Thankyou! I am now ready to book the Production :) The Final Samples are on their way to you now! Hurray!!!! And the Deposit is paid. Thanks so much! THANKYOU SO MUCH GUYS! I am really happy with how smoothly everything has gone. You have been very professional and helpful!”
    Lisa Niederer
  • Ash
    Hi Steve, Novi, Jojo and Komang. I’ve just finished unpacking and counting my order. I just want to say thank you so much for all your hard work, my swimwear looks amazing - the print is perfect. So happy with how everything come together, so I really appreciate all your help, and thank you for being patient and understanding for my first order. I have learnt a lot! So next order we gonna rock. Look forward to working together, and grow our businesses together. Hope you all had a lovely day, talk soon!
    Seer and Wilde Swim



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