Passionate about Sustainable and Ethical Manufacturing?

King Trading is the leading manufacturer of sustainable swimwear, activewear, and ladies’ wear in Bali for over 30 years. This experience has taught us all the tips and tricks to produce luxe-quality clothing at the lowest prices in the shortest time frame.
We assemble orders using imported recycled, sustainable fabrics such as Nylon and polyester, silk, lace, cotton and rayon using eco-friendly dyes and biodegradable packaging. We operate a team of 200 experienced sewists, pattern makers, merchants, and graphic designers whose job is to ensure orders arrive as you request.
Our reputation is based on offering unmatched prices and timely deliveries, a testament to our commitment to the number of brands who trust us with their production.

Pricing your custom designs

The first step is to share your selected designs as front-and-back screenshots, tech packs, or clear line drawings with explanatory notes of any changes you want to implement. We promise to respond within 2 to 3 days with our best price for the highest-grade product tailored to your specific needs.

Once your prices are approved, a dedicated sample specialist will contact you for a free callback. This discussion is crucial to ensure we fully understand your collection and ideas, leaving no room for ambiguity. Upon payment, we create a 2D visual mock-up of your entire collection in your specified colours and prints, allowing for any last-minute changes before we get started with your samples.


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We employ 60 skilled personnel assembling samples in our sample studio and 150 experienced machinists in our production facility


We operate three divisions: Swimwear, Activewear, and Ladieswear.
If you’re looking to start your own sustainable swimwear or activewear line, we can offer you the lowest prices and the highest quality on the island.
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king trading


king trading

For those looking to produce a ladieswear natural fabric collection. Read on.




In most cases, our MOQ for bulk orders is 300 pieces, 30 pieces per style, and three pieces per size, colour, and print. The MOQ is determined by the fabric you select. If you choose to produce long silk dresses, the MOQ may be as low as 100 in total. If you wish to produce crop tops & shorts, the MOQ could be 500.
Please contact us with your handover of designs & we’ll let you know what we can do.

There is no limit to the number of designs, colours or prints you can combine.

We produce max 6 sizes per design.


In Bali, more than 1,000 natural fabrics are available for dyeing and printing. If you do not know the fabric you intend to use and the fabric supplier details, requesting a swatch pack of natural fabrics is best. As part of each pack, we include 16 actual swatches of the best-selling fabrics dyed in random colours to give you an idea of their texture, weight and hand feel. When you have a pack in hand, you will be much better positioned to select the ideal fabric for the articles you wish to produce.

If you’re in Bali, we recommend visiting Warna Jaya in Denpasar, as they carry the largest variety of fabrics on the island.


Plain Dye

Due to the scarcity of pre-dyed natural fabrics in Bali, we use Pantone as a reference to dye your colours on request. If, for example, you are looking for a nude colour, add “Pantone Nude TPG” to Google, & you should see something like this. Select the colour you like & send the image as a screenshot.

Each colour swatch is USD 30 & takes five days to produce. The dyes come from Dystar in Germany, certified eco-friendly.


We print both by hand using silk screens and by machine, digitally. When printing by hand, there is a setup fee of 70 USD per colour, and once the motif has been prepared, printing costs are relatively low. The cost of digital printing is higher, and it is typically used for motifs with many colours and smaller print runs.
By hand, we have produced printed dresses, tops, and so on for David Jones & Myers in Australia, Urban Outfitters in the United States, and Top Shop in the United Kingdom.
See a Video of Silkscreen Printing

Speak to a specialist

Ladies ‘wear is best handled via a free call back,
saving days or weeks in emails or chats.