We were awarded the only exemption on tax & duty on the import of fabrics to the export of clothing.

This facility allows us to import fabrics saving us (& you) 40% on the cost of your production. We are as such, the only bonded Garment company in Bali making us by far the lowest priced premium grade manufacturer & exporter on the island.

This was awarded to us 15 years ago due to the fact that we fulfilled all the Indonesian Government's regulations on the treatment of employees, waste disposal & sanitation.

Our employees are paid well over the minimum wage, 13 months' salary a year, receive free medical insurance covering doctors' fees, prescribed medication & hospitalization which we extend to their spouse & up to three children.

We provide a freshly healthy cooked meal for lunch every day, double wages for overtime & working condition on-par to western standards.

Our Mission

Is to manufacture as close as humanly possible organic fabrics, organic dyes, bio-degradable packaging, ensuring zero water pollution as well as donating all left-over fabric scraps to a local charity, Bali Street Mums.

Bali Street Mums provides desperately needed resources including shelter, clothing, education, basic health care and food to the impoverished women and children of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Balinese Women and Children in particular face extreme challenges to survival. High unemployment and little education, infant mortality and malnutrition. Add to this the danger of trafficking and forced prostitution. Unsanitary conditions in substandard housing, lack of running water, prevalent sewage. 35 percent of Balinese teeter on the brink, with income just marginally above poverty. In rural Bali the desperation is amplified.

Due to COVID the situation has become much worse & much more in need of assistance & housing. Pls click on the click to donate


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