Dying Natural Fabrics

Before we discuss how to dye plain colours, best to check our page on natural fabrics to get a better idea of the type of fabrics available as well as or purchase a fabric swatch pack.

There are literally hundreds of natural fabrics in Bali that we can dye to almost any colour & very few available pre dyed. This means that in almost all cases we dye colours to order.

Below, we explain the process of handing over your colours using Pantone as a reference

Working With Pantone

For the following example, we choose “Indigo Blue” as our colour request. 

We typed ‘Pantone Indigo Blue” into Google & found this.

We selected the Pantone code 5395U as below. Now all we would have to do is send a link with a screenshot. From that point, we are ready to dye your selected fabric/s


Once we have your selected colours, we dye in 2-meter sections, taking one week to process. Colours are then “fixed” to ensure no bleeding occurs. We are now ready to cut & sew your samples.

Production orders are dyed in 100 meter lots.

If you have some questions or require any assistance, contact us using the form below & a dye specialist will get back to you with over 25 years of experience in plain dye & print in Bali.


  • Plain dyed fabrics are dyed by hand. Different fabrics take the colour in different degrees, meaning it’s impossible to colour match exactly. However, we have been handling this for many years & in most cases, colours are approved.
  • We use Eco-friendly dyes from Dystar in Germany, certified by OEKO-TEX®.


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