Plain Dyes

Plain dye in Bali is a process by hand. This may result in slightly different colours each time we dye; even in the main, they are as close as you would expect or around 95% true.

Some fabrics we have pre-dyed in the colours below, ready to cut on demand. Plain dyes come from Dystar in Germany certified by OEKO-TEX.


If you have your own colour requests, then we require a Pantone reference to work from.

How to find your colours.
Go to google & place a search phrase; for example, Indigo blue, write ‘Pantone Indigo Blue” you will find something like this:
Select the blue you like & send us the image, for example

This will now be our colour reference.

Dye Minimums

Sampling is handled in 2-meter sections or more & takes a week to sample. Dying larger amounts takes much the same amount of time & the MOQ is 100 meters per colour per fabric.


  • Requesting swatches of plain dye, we charge USD 30 per swatch & colour. Also, we do not promise that the colour will match exactly.
  • Different fabrics will take the colour to various degrees. For example, Cotton Fleece, due to its heavy construction, will take much more colour dye & appear darker than, say, a Cotton Voile which has quite a loose; lightweight construction
  • Pantone colour cards & books can be found here

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