MOQ – 50m per colour

Due to the scarcity of pre-dyed natural fabrics in Bali means, in most cases, we dye or print colours on request using Pantone as a reference.
Both silkscreen prints & plain dyed colours are dyed by hand & may result in slight colour variations.

Despite this, most boutique brands don’t see this as a negative since it gives their collections an element of individuality rather than looking like mass-produced items.

For both plain dye & silk screen print requests, once ready, we can either take a high-resolution image or send you the actual fabric swatch
via courier for your approval.

Courier fee to send is 38 USD. 

To understand how easy it is to work with Pantone, follow the example below.

Let’s imagine your looking to dye an Indigo Blue.
Type’ Pantone Indigo Blue” into Google & you will see something like this

Simply select one of the blues, screenshot & send it over to us.

We then dye your requested colour on a small piece of fabric called a colour swatch.


As we know, buyers can get scared of working with prints thinking they are complex & costly. In reality, adding prints to your collection can be simple & inexpensive and hugely rewarding. Note that all the prints you see on our website were purchased for a few dollars from, which offers a huge selection of motifs in Vector format, suitable for digital print. Working in Vector allows colours to be edited in minutes. This means you or we can remove or add dominant colours. For example, a peach, blue & yellow motif can also be printed in the same motif in red, orange & natural.

Selecting your prints online reduces a task that’s both costly and time-consuming to one that can be completed in an hour or so with minimum cost.

Whatever way you work, with your own custom prints or prints purchased online, we require them in Vector format in either EPS, PDF, CDR, or JPEG, with a high resolution of 300 dpi, repeatable, and to scale.

Below an example of a print purchased online & reworked into several other colour groups.

The above print we’re worked in four different colour groups using the same Vector format print motif.

Dominant Colour

Dominant Colour

Dominant Colour

Dominant Colour

If you require assistance in selecting prints, replacing colours & so on, then back to our graphics team, who will, in most cases, assist free of charge. 


We print natural fabrics digitally as well as by hand.

Printing by hand has a setup fee but costs less to print per meter than digital prints, which have no setup fee. Digital prints are normally only requested for prints with many colours.

Silk Screen Printing
MOQ – 50m per print

The process of silkscreen printing involves layering colours one on top of another. Printing by hand requires we produce a wooden silkscreen per colour. Each screen costs 70 USD per colour to produce, meaning, for example, a three-colour screen has an initial cost of 210 USD.
Below we added a video to understand better how silkscreen prints are produced.

In Italy, high-end brands such as Versace produce some of their most exclusive prints using silk screens. Several years ago, we worked with their head designer, Esta Franklin, who, whilst on holiday in Bali, worked with us to produce some small runs for them.
It was an interesting collaboration!

Digital Printing

MOQ – 50m per print
Digital print machines are calibrated to handle either natural or synthetic fabrics. They offer photographic-like colour printing, most commonly used when there are more than four colours in any print.

The machines in Bali are only calibrated to handle natural fabrics.

Note. We cannot print on jerseys or stretch fabrics; only on woven, flat non-fluffy fabrics. We need to print on fabrics that have a smooth, flat surface, such as Cotton, Silk, and Viscose. However, there are many more fabrics we can print on; information on request.


If you require a plain dye or print strike-off, we charge USD 20 per colour or print. These tests can take several days to complete. 

Once you have approved your colours or prints, we can begin working on your samples.

Note. All natural fabrics are dyed or printed using eco-certified dyes supplied by Dystar in German and are certified by OEKO-TEX®.


The process of adding prints to a collection can be extremely rewarding, as well as relatively simple. Your first decision will be whether to work with your own custom prints or any purchased online.

Custom Drawn Prints

Creating custom prints requires decent graphics skills, or you can hire a graphic artist to handle them, which can be costly.
However, your own print offers the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind designs tailored exactly to your liking.

These designs are time-intensive and costly, so are a much more rare route for start-up brands to work with and are generally left for established brands who can bear the costs.

Selecting Print Online

Selecting prints from Shutterstock or similar vendors is a great way to work as they are almost all suitable for print and available at a great price. Working this way reduces a time-consuming and costly task to one that can be accomplished within an hour or so with little effort.

You will find a wide variety of motifs in Vector format.
Other vendors, such as, etc., also offer the same service.


First, visit and enter a few keywords related to the motif you seek. 

For this example, we used “Bohemian Prints seamless”. By adding the word seamless, the print is normally repeatable from top to bottom and from left to right. Now, click on the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the screen and select Vector.

You should now see something like this

You can refine your search further by clicking the motif you like & a new page will open with more images of a similar nature. 

As soon as you have selected your print, please send us the link so we can determine whether it is repeatable & suitable for printing. If all is well, we can purchase the print on your behalf for USD 30. Alternatively, you may purchase and send over using WeTransfer



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