The process of sampling starts as soon as we receive your hand over of designs mentioning the fabric you want them made in. You can send your hand over to us a well-drawn clearly understood sketches, screen shots, photographs or tech packs, or as the real samples via courier, whatever works for you.

All samples are manufactured in our dedicated sample room, produced by our team of 10 sample sewers.
All our seamstresses & tailors have at least 10 years' experience in sample clothing construction.


After we have received your hand-over, in 2-3 days you will receive your estimated wholesale price calculated from the data you provided. We will only know the true costs after you have approved the samples we made. Prices can go up as well as down. We aim to provide the best price for the highest grade product.

We know how hard it is in the marketplace today. Being well priced is paramount to a successful start-up.


Sampling fees are charged at twice the estimated price per design plus a management fee of $30 USD per style.
The prices provided are all-inclusive to the finished articles. Pattern making & grading, & any trims requested are included. In some cases, trims requested may be required to be imported. As they will carry their own MOQ & unknown price, these will be invoiced separately.

We do not provide patterns as all are drawn digitally on our 2D Auto Cad.
Size sets are normally made in one size. If you request samples to be made across several sizes, it will add more time to your sampling time line. You may order from 1 to 20 custom designs.

Strike Offs
Strike offs are 30cm square pieces of fabric that we dye to your colour request. We cannot promise to colour match exactly. Depending the grain of the fabric or its construction will determine how much colour will “take” to the fabric, once it dries. The thicker the fabric the deeper & richer the colour will be.

If you wish to see several shades of any particular colour, then best to inform at start to save time. As the majority of our long-term clients work from high resolution images of the colour proofs, means they are not sent via courier for approval. Should you require to feel & see the actual fabric swatch, then these are sent overseas via FedEx.


$20 per colour & fabric.
FedEx - $30 per package up to one kilo.


Sampling has to be handled carefully & will take from 4 to 8 weeks, depending if you requested plain dyes, or prints or simply using ready fabrics to hand. A lot depends on your handover. Clear easily understood handovers will often see samples made much faster than complex difficult to understand ones.

1. Digital Patterns.

These are drawn via the PC using our 2D Auto-CAD computerized software. Working on the CAD is far superior to paper patterns, allowing instant changes to be made in minutes rather than hours or days. Your digital patterns are then stored with your name or brand & are never seen or used by any other party, ensuring complete privacy.

2. Construction - Sewing.

Samples are constructed in a dedicated sampling studio. Each & every design is assembled using machines geared to handle just one task, section per section to the completed article.

3. QC.

A vital part of the production chain, is quality control. We operate 3 divisions.

Section 1. checks for loose threads or any tiny blemishes
Section 2. ensures fits & grades are exactly as requested
Section 3. checks each piece individually under magnifiers & white lights

Your goods now have their branded fabric hangers attached & packed individually into a BIO-degradable bag, boxed & readied for FedEx or DHL

We pride ourselves that less than 1% of any of our production orders are ever reported as faulty in any way.

We do not add labels to samples. Your samples will come clearly marked with a sticker showing its code, colour & size. Labels are added to the production.

4. Delivery.

Once your collection is finalized, we contact you to discuss delivery options. In 95% cases samples are dispatched via FedEx. 5 – 7 working days to your door.

Read more about Delivery & Dispatch

Edits & Remakes

Should there be any samples you consider are not to specification, then the following prevails.

  1. Very slight edits. These are reworked on the 2D Auto-CAD & direct to production.
  2. Obvious errors in shape or size or misunderstandings from your hand over, in most cases are free.
  3. You’re requesting changes to be made that were not clearly marked on your hand over or you’re looking to make changes to your original designs. These are fully chargeable, $30 usd + 2 X estimate price.

* Patterns are made digitally. Should you require patterns to be printed out we charge $50 usd per pattern per grade.

NOTE: - Request for remakes or edits, we hold a video call to discuss the fastest solution possible.

So thats it in a nutshell. If you need more data & require to speak to a specialist in clothing production, then fill our Call Back Form & set up a one to one video call

Other than that, send us an email or chat via WhatsApp below




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