Once you have approved the prices we provided from your handover of designs, we are ready to start on your samples.

If you haven’t already done so, read our page on how to handover to costing here

Samples are assembled in our dedicated sample room by our team of 15 sample sewers & 20 specialists & assistants. All machinists have at least ten years of experience in sampling; working closely with your handover of designs with the pattern makers ensure the final samples are as close as possible to your requested shapes.

Sampling Fees

We charge two times the estimated price we gave you + a management fee of USD 30 per style. The prices we will offer you will be all-inclusive to the finished articles inc pattern making & grading.

If you request any speciality trims that we don’t hold in stock, these will be invoiced separately.

Size Sets

Size sets are usually made in one size. Requesting to be made across sizes will take more time & if we are busy, we often cant assist. We can make one style in one other size for you to see the grading.


In most cases, we require 4-6 weeks with the requested fabrics & accessories in our hands. With a clear, well-thought-out, easy-to-read handover, we can often get your samples out faster.

You can read more about Plain dye here
Also, how we handle Digital prints here

Quality Control

At the end of any production chain, we have a team of 40 experienced quality control specialists who will check your production in three stages under bright white lights, looking for slight imperfections, loose threads, & the like.

Section 1. checks for loose threads or any tiny blemishes.
Section 2. ensures fits & grades are exactly as requested.
Section 3. checks each piece individually under magnifiers & white lights.

Edits & Remakes

Should you consider any samples that are not to specification, then the following prevails.

  1. Very slight edits. These are reworked using our 2D Auto-CAD and takes minutes, saving much time & costs in remakes.
  2. Obvious errors in shape or size from your handover, in most cases, are free.
  3. If you’re requesting changes that were not marked on your handover or you’re looking to make changes to your original handover of designs, then these are fully chargeable, USD 30 + 2 X estimate price.

NOTE: – For any remakes or edits, you can always request a WhatsApp video call to go over the issues with your merchant.


Samples are packed individually into a BIO-degradable bag, boxed & readied for FedEx or DHL to pick up.
Read more about Dispatch & Delivery Here