Once you have your sample and have approved them, you’re ready to place a bulk PO. First, return the approved samples, as these will be used to check against the first cuts in production and at the end of the production cycle. To start on any bulk PO, we dye or print your fabrics and organize any accessories you requested.
You can request a callback or fill in our Bulk Order Form to place an order. Once received, we will send you an invoice to begin production. 

As we pattern & grade using international body sizes, we suggest always checking our Size Guide before placing a bulk PO.


We offer a low minimum order quantity of 300 units, 30 per style and 3 per size and colour.
For example, ten designs in several colours &/or prints in three or four sizes.
Depending on what you’re requesting manufactured, it will affect the time required to produce. We will provide our best estimate on timelines once we know the designs, fabrics, colours or prints you want to use.


Each order is checked through three layers of quality control before it is dispatched. We never ship orders overseas unless the production quality matches your approved samples. However, many brands prefer independent quality control for extra peace of mind. If you take into account the minimal cost of this service to the value of your order, it’s definitely worth considering.





Our orders are individually packed into biodegradable bags by codes, colours & sizes, ready to be sold as soon as they arrive.

We ship orders via DHL or FedEx using our company account or yours. From the time of uplift to delivery, please allow 4-7 working days.

Read more in our Dispatch Page.