As soon as your ready to produce your bulk order then we require you to send back your approved samples. We will then order in your selected fabrics in plain & print as well as all your accessories. If your selecting your fabrics & accessories from stock then you can skip this part.

Whatever it is we require to manufacturer your order, plain or printed fabrics, accessories, all takes the same length of time, 3 to 4 weeks. So this is what we handle first thing whilst we are sorting your grades & patterns checking all against your approved samples.

We cut your fabrics using rotary hot knifes for maximum precision. Then its onto the sewing department using speciality machines geared to task for each job, for example, bra cups & pads, wires & boning, seamless & reversible. to final assembly.

The last most important stage being QC. The quality control personnel will ensure that any branded fabric hang-tags or branded metal-work is sewn on. Then its over to packing where each item is packed into a Bio-degradable bag, boxed & readied for dispatch, when we will contact you.

The goods you will receive are ready to sell, direct from the box. We pride ourselves on the fact that 99% all Swimwear produced in our facility, is sold as perfect.



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