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Delivery & Dispatch

Once a day, both FedEx & DHL arrive at our office collecting packets of samples & bulk orders to be sent overseas & bringing in customers approved samples & accessories.

Sending Samples or Production Orders to You

Before dispatch of any goods, we will contact you & provide a tracking number.

The cost to send ten samples to most overseas locations – $100 to $150.

Your production is dispatched in boxes 36 x 58 x 46cm, from 20-25 Kilos per box.
On average, 300 items to AUS, USA or EU costs $700.


  • Ensure the daytime mobile phone number you provided is active.
  • If the courier attempts delivery more than once, your package will be returned to Bali, being costly & cannot be reversed.

Be aware that even we have a Tax Free facility for importing fabrics; this only applies to Indonesia. You will be eligible for all taxes in your country. Import fee varies from country to country; we never know what your charges will be & they are solely your responsibility.

You can find out what the charges will be by contacting your local DHL or FedEx office & ask what the tax will be for either Ladieswear Synthetic or Natural clothing, whatever you’re planning on importing.
In most cases, you will pay Duty, usually 10% & import Tax & VAT (or GST).
Please ensure your address, postcode & your active mobile phone number is correct.
The courier will call you once the goods have landed & organise delivery to your home.
If you have any questions about dispatch or delivery, then contact us before sending.

Sending Packages to us

You can send any polybag or package to us using your account or ours. If using your one, tick the box that says “door to door service” & “signature on delivery” with a tracking number.

Please don’t ever use any postal services as they can take months to arrive no matter what they promise you.

The Indonesia Government only allows ten articles per polybag, so for example, five bikini sets. Any more you have to send two bags. Annoying, we know, but it’s the rules.

Some Important notes to follow.

  • Max 10 articles per consignment
  • Keep the value under USD 10 each & Max USD 100 per consignment. Mark the value of each article around 8-10 USD.
  • Remove any tags for new items or price labels as they will use those to tax you on.
  • Declare goods as SAMPLES ONLY NOT FOR RESALE.
  • Add the fabric name of each article to the packing list. If synthetics like Nylon or Poly write Synthetic Fabric & if a Natural fabric write Natural Fabric.

Even you follow these regulations; there may still be a small amount to pay. We never know what customs will apply in charges; we only can offer the above advice.

Sending Accessories or other Raw Materials to us

Before you send any goods, it’s advisable to forward your packing list via email. This can be on paper with some description of the goods included, what they are made from & the value. Some folks mark the value so low that customs refuses to import & then charges much higher import tariffs.

Send your packing list using the form below

To track your deliveries