Handmade Crochet

In Bali, crochet is produced by hand. There are no crochet knitting machines available in this country, such as those found in China. The crocheting process is time-consuming and requires a very clear handover from you to the crocheters. We do not take on complex styles because of the time required to produce them. We do not offer crochet with flower patterns or many different stitch techniques. Generally, we accept crochet produced in geometric patterns, as below.

Design we can produce

Design we can't produce

Crochet is produced by making loops in thread or yarn, which are then interlocked to create the final articles.

We can also decorate bikinis produced using Nylon swimwear fabrics with scalloped or decorative edges. We can also embellish crochet with handmade flowers sewn separately onto the swimwear.

The crochet team we use travels from a village in Bali to our office to discuss your sample request, taking several hours to arrive, so do take care with your handover to ensure clarity, as any remakes are chargeable at twice the estimated wholesale price + 30 USD travel costs.

Use the highest quality images you can find and clearly note any changes you want us to incorporate.

Selecting colour & thread

There are two types of thread: cotton, which has more body, and rayon, which is softer. To select your colours, please refer to the colour chart below. We will check with our suppliers in Jakarta to see if they have stock if the colour you requested is unavailable.


Three hundred pieces, three units per design, colour & size.

If you’re ordering swimwear, we can reduce the crochet MOQ.

Colour Chart