Creating Your Collection

Bringing your own Private Label designs to life is not as complex as you may imagine.  As there are thousands of ladieswear styles online, mainly clients send in their shapes using screenshots with front & back imagery with some web links & notes on fabrics & colours or print they want to be added. We never copy another but take our inspiration from brands we aspire to or feel would be our competitors.

We have been producing Custom-made clothing for over 30 years, working with the buyers from ASOS, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, MYERS & David Jones, & hundreds of independents. This has given us the knowledge required to produce Export Grade A quality time & time again.

Patterns are produced using state of the Art Digital 2D Auto CAD software & printers that grade to International Body Sizes to perfection. Working digitally allows us to make minor edits instantly to any style you may care to mention, far superior to paper patterns.

Hand Overs

The first job we handle is to price your designs in the fabrics of your choice in plain or print.

By far, the most popular way is to send screenshots or photos of your designs with notes on any changes you want to be implemented. We also work on tech packs & good line drawings.

Send your handover via email
Send your Handover via WhatsApp

In 2-3 working days you will receive your prices.

If you’re sending samples to us, then use a courier with a signature on delivery & do not use postal services as they often take months compared to couriers right now. We can also collect on request.

Read our Import & Export page

Notes on Handovers

  • Keep your handovers written clearly & to the point. You may add any amount of notes you feel assist us in understanding your request.
  • Before we start on your samples, we will always advise on the expected timeline.
  • We assist with your handover & fabric choices & offer advice on request.

What Fabrics to use?

As we know, selecting fabrics when not in Bali can be a challenge. To overcome this, we have put together some of the best selling 20 real natural fabric swatches across all the ranges, all in white ready to be dyed; some can also be digitally printed & are marked as such.

Bali has an abundance of natural fabrics, well over 1,500 held in stock & restocked as they are depleted. Retail & Wholesale outlets are many, with being the largest as well as the most helpful to work with, offering a huge collection of natural fabrics in white ready to dye or print on demand.

Should you not know your supplier, then we will require your best idea on what the fabric is you want us to use. Fabrics are broken down into two groups, wovens & Jerseys. Wovens such as  Cotton Viscose, Rayon, Silk Satins & Jerseys such as  Cotton Jersey, Fleece, Terry & Lycra are knitted fabrics.

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