We offer two very different types of fabrics., synthetics & natural.  

For natural clothing collections, there are over 1,000 different local fabrics we plain dye or print to your request.  

For our Swim & Activewear brands, we import sustainable recycled synthetics from Italy & the U.S. that come ready dyed or printed on request. 

Local fabrics are dyed or printed using eco-certified dyes supplied by Dystar in Germany & Imported fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX® & GRS, as U.V. & saltwater resistant, dyed using Huntsman dyes from the U.S. 


We offer three packs: Active, Swim & Natural. Each pack includes one real swatch of each fabric displayed on either website.

With a pack to hand, you’ll be able to feel each fabric & its textures.


We plain-dye & Print natural fabrics in Bali by hand. This can sometimes result in slight colour differences across the order. However, many boutique brands don’t see this as being negative as it adds individuality to their collections rather than looking mass-produced like from China.

Read how to select your colours &/or how to add silkscreen prints.


When creating a ladieswear collection, we first need to know the fabrics you’re looking to use. There are several good quality wholesalers in Bali, with https://warnajayabali.com/ being the best.

As we know, selecting fabrics when not in Bali can be tough. However, as so many natural fabrics are available, it’s not hard to match what you’re seeking to what’s available. 

If you’re overseas, find a site you aspire to & see what fabrics they are using (only select natural fabrics as we don’t dye synthetics) & we will get back with the most suitable fabrics we can source . 

If you’re in Bali, we can assist with directions, or if you’re able, a quick trip to Bali to select your fabrics is by far the best plan of action.





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©2022 Kingtrading