Selecting Your Fabrics

If you don’t know the name of your fabric supplier in Bali or the fabric name/s, then we will need your best shot of what to use to produce your styles. Fabrics are broken down into two groups, wovens & knitted. Wovens, such as Cotton Viscose, Rayon, Silk Satins & Knitted such as Cotton & Rayon Jersey, Fleece, Terry & Lycra. As we know, selecting your fabrics when not in Bali can be a challenge. To overcome this, we have assembled 20 of the best selling natural fabrics as swatches that you can purchase to know the textures & drape.

Natural Fabric Pack.

Payment USD 50. Inc. FedEx to your door.
Send an email & add the subject “NATURAL FABRIC SWATCH REQUEST” & inform your name, delivery address, daytime phone number & postcode.

We will then send over an invoice & once paid; we will get back with your tracking number max two working days. If you need to chat about fabrics, then send a text to WhatsApp.

Take note that all-natural fabrics can be plain dyed, with a selection that can be digitally printed. Each fabric swatch is written if suitable for plain &/or print.

Bali Natural Fabrics

Bali has an abundance of natural fabrics, well over 1,500 held in stock & restocked as they are depleted. Retail & Wholesale outlets are many, with being the largest as well as the most helpful to work with. They have a vast collection of fabrics in white ready to dye on demand.

Indonesia Largest Export – Rayon & Viscose

Indonesia produces the highest grade of Rayon globally. Conifers & eucalyptus are grown on the mountain slopes & harvested every seven years, then re-planted for the next crop. Tencel & Modal are world-famous for being Eco-friendly & offers a good solution for luxury brands requiring a premium fabric.

Fabric & Data

Rayon Viscose
Made from wood pulp & comes from forestry plantations planted in the rich fertile soils mostly in high altitudes across Indonesia & includes such species as Pine & Spruce. Rayon in Indonesia is recognized as the highest grade produced globally.

All Jerseys are available in Cotton or Rayon. There are several weights in both, with Rayon Jersey being softer & Cotton Jersey feeling slightly thicker with more structure.

Cotton Woven
Cotton comes in many textures like Voile Fujet & Chiffon, all woven & in several weights as mentioned above.

Linen in Bali is of a very high grade & the most common luxe fabric we work with. Linen is made from the flax plant. There are many blends & prices.

Chiffon is a lightweight plain-woven fabric with a slight shine to the finish & has a tighter construction than most fabrics. Chiffon is one of the best selling fabrics with many brands adding to their collection.

Modal is a form of Viscose fabric made from eucalyptus & beech tree pulp & is considered to be the number one choice for brands wanting to add an Eco-friendly premium grade fabric into their collection. It’s available in both Jersey & Woven. Modal is considered a luxurious textile thanks to its soft feel and higher cost.

Twill & Canvas
These are heavier weight fabrics, similar to Cotton denim & commonly used for pants, shorts & skirts. We use to produce skirts & shorts & do not accept orders for Jeans & Jackets.

Cotton & Poplin Satin
These fabrics are available in matte & shiny, soft to touch & often used in shirts or blouses, offering some structure with a good drape.

Silk is a natural fibre known for its shine and softness & only used by brands selling into a premium market. There are many blends of silk available & a wide range of prices.

Dying Plain Colours

We plain dye fabrics by hand using pigment dyes supplied by Dystar in Germany.
The MOQ per colour & fabric is 100 meters. If you’re requesting swatches of colours, then these are chargeable @ USD 30 per swatch. Swatches take around a week to dye.

You can read more about Plain dying

Digital Prints

We require your prints sent in Vector Format, EPS, PDF, CDR or JPEG format 300 + & to scale.

Sample strike-offs are printed in one-meter sections & are chargeable USD 30 per strike off.
Production orders MOQ 50 meters per print.

Sampling & production both allow one week to produce.

Read more in our Digital printing section.