We offer three fabric packs: Swim Active & Natural. Each pack has one real swatch of each fabric displayed on either website, with swim & Activewear coming with their corresponding laser copy colour cards.

With any pack to hand, you’ll be able to feel each fabric & its textures.


We carry a large collection of some of the world’s most sustainable, eco-friendly recycled fabrics from Italy, the U.S. and China, ready-dyed or printed.

We hold 80,000 meters of imported fabrics in stock in around 150 colours, palin dyed using Huntsman dyes from the U.S., approved by OEKO-TEX® & GRS & are U.V. & saltwater resistant.


Possible the hardest thing when starting your own natural clothing brand is finding the right fabrics that are right for the designs you want to produce.

One way to find the fabric with the correct amount of drape is to search any website you aspire to, see what they are using & send us the link with some notes. We’ll then source the same or closest ones & inform you of the price for you to decide. Once done, all that’s left is to decide what colours or prints you want your Collection produced in.

A trip to Bali is the way to go if you have the time & resources. One day is all you need to visit some of the best wholesalers within a 30-minute drive of our office.

The best natural fabric wholesaler in Bali is Warna Jaya

Top Tip – Selecting Your Fabrics

Since there are thousands of fabrics to choose from with a variety of price points, we suggest booking a callback with a consultant, who will go over your fabric choice with you first so we are clear on what fabric you want to use.


Rayon & Viscose

These are produced using wood pulp from forestry plantations with rich fertile soils, mostly at high altitudes across Indonesia & including species such as Pine & Spruce.
Indonesian Rayon is recognized as the highest grade produced globally.


There is a multitude of Jerseys available in Cotton or Rayon in several weights Rayon Jersey is softer & more breathable than Cotton Jersey which has a slightly thicker feel to that of Rayon.


There is a huge selection of cotton available, such as Voile, Fujet, satin & Chiffon, in several weights both in woven & Jersey format.


Linen is one of the most popular fabrics selected in Bali as there are many different weights & blends. Some have more drape & some have more structure. Linen is made from the flax plant. There are many blends & prices.


Chiffon is a lightweight plain-woven fabric with a slight shine to the finish & has a tighter construction than most fabrics. Chiffon is one of the best-selling fabrics available for those seeking a more sheer almost see-through appearance.

Cotton Fleece & Baby Terry

Fleece fabrics can come in different weights & qualities, all offering some stretch. They have a napped thick raised pile most commonly used for hoodies & tops. Baby Terry is cheaper, less thick, and has no stretch.


As a form of viscose fabric, Modal can be obtained from eucalyptus & beech tree pulp and is considered the best choice for brands that are seeking to introduce an eco-friendly fabric to their collection. Modal is considered a luxurious textile thanks to its soft feel and higher cost.

Twill & Canvas

These are heavier-weight fabrics that are commonly used for pants, shorts, and skirts. Please note that we do not produce jeans or jackets.

Cotton & Poplin Satin

These come in both matte & shiny, soft to the touch & often used in shirts or blouses, offering some structure with a good drape.
Those are the most important types of natural fabrics, but there are thousands more available in ivory or white and ready to be dyed or printed.


We plain-dye natural fabrics in Bali by hand, as well as by digital print.

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