Due to the scarcity of pre-dyed natural fabrics in Bali, we usually dye your colours using Pantone’s colours as a reference. To understand how Pantone works, imagine you’re looking for an Indigo Blue.

Type ‘Pantone Indigo Blue” into Google & you will see something like this

Select one of the blues, click & screenshot & send it over to us.

We then dye your selected fabric on a small fabric swatch, take a high-resolution image & send it to you. We can also send the fabric strike-offs for a $38 DHL payment to our PayPal account.


  • We charge USD 20 per colour/print strike-off, and it may take several tries and days to achieve the desired results.
  • There is a minimum order quantity of 100m for plain dye and 60m for prints for production orders.
  • Dystar dyes are OEKO-TEX® certified eco-friendly dyes from Germany.


After you have approved the test dyes or prints, we are ready to begin working on your samples. Working with fabrics that need to be dyed or printed before sampling can take up to six weeks. Therefore, it is always advisable to start sampling as soon as possible.

Visit our sampling page for more information


The process of silkscreen printing involves layering colours one on top of another. In Italy, high-end brands such as Versace produce most prints by hand. Several years ago, we worked with their head designer, Esta Franklin, who, while on holiday in Bali, worked with us to produce some small runs for them.
It was an interesting collaboration!

There is a one-off 70 USD fee per colour to produce the screens, so a three-colour screen has an initial cost of 210 USD. However, per meter prices to print via silkscreens are much lower than printing digitally. 

Once made, these screens can be used for various colour combinations. For example, a blue lilac and cream motif can also be printed in red, orange, and yellow.

To better understand how hand silk screen printing is performed, please see some examples and a video below.


The process of adding prints to a collection can be extremely rewarding, as well as relatively simple. Choosing whether to use your own custom motif or one you have chosen online is the first decision you will need to make.

Digital print machines are calibrated to handle either natural or synthetic fabrics. It is only possible to print on natural fabrics with the machine in Bali.

We cannot print on jerseys or stretch fabrics; only woven fabrics can be printed. We need to print on fabrics that have a smooth, flat surface, such as Cotton, Silk, and Viscose. However, there are many more fabrics we can print on, information on request.

The artwork for print must be in Vector format, either in EPS, PDF, CDR or JPEG, with a high resolution of 300 dpi, repeatable and scalable.


If you wish to create your own custom prints, you will need decent graphic skills, or you can hire someone to do it for you, which can be costly. Alternatively, we explain below how you can find some great prints in high resolution that are ideal for printing at an affordable price. 
If you already have some prints, send them over in EPS, PDF, CDR or JPEG high Vector format & to scale.

Selecting Online Motifs

Most of the time, selecting our prints from Shutterstock or similar vendors is a great way to work as it provides great resolution and price.

You will find a wide variety of motifs, many of which are in vector format. Using Vector format, you can make changes to your colours in minutes. For instance, a blue lilac and cream motif can also be printed in red, orange and yellow.

Using this method can reduce a time-consuming and costly task to one that can be accomplished within an hour or so with little effort.

Other vendors, such as etc., also offer the same service.

Example of how to purchase using Shutterstock

First, visit and enter a few keywords related to the motif you are seeking. For this example, we used “Bohemian Prints seamless”.
By adding the word seamless, the print is normally repeatable from top to bottom and from left to right. Now, click on the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the screen and select Vector.
You should now see something like this:

You can refine your search further by clicking the motif you like & a new page will open with more images of a similar nature.  As soon as you have selected your print, please send us the link so we can determine whether it is repeatable & suitable for printing. If all is well, we can purchase the print on your behalf for USD 30. Alternatively, you may purchase and send over using WeTransfer

Please note
We have a team of graphic designers who may be able to assist you free of charge if you are experiencing issues with your prints.

Prints are fun, giving your website a great look & not something you need to fear.